Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have been learning 3d Studio Max and Mudbox. This is my first cg model. I have to finish the eyes.
The hardest part is getting around the menus.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    I have been making some music. Which is a much 
needed relief from art. I just don't enjoy art anymore.
 Can't get myself to do it. It's old and boring and the 
market is flooded. I want no part of it. At least, for now.
 Sooner or later I will start up again. But for now, it's 
time for a change.

    I have recording as best as I can with my shitty 
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum card from like 2005. It's still alive! 
I don't have a preamp so I am basically plugging into my 
sound card via the mic jack. It's almost sacrilege to
 the audiophiles out there. But, it's all I have. It reminds
 me of recording through a Tascam 4 track tape player.
 It has a real lo-fi sound that I actually enjoy. I am 
 basically, playing through Guitar Rig and using Ableton 
to record. I am unable (for some reason) to record multiple 
tracks separately. I have ASIO drivers, but for some odd 
reason it is recording tracks into each other. So, to get 
around this I just record a track, save it as a wav file, then 
play it through Media Player while I record on top of it
 through Ableton. I do this about 4 times with whatever
I am adding into the song. Finally, I load the finished 
wav file into the NN-XT in Reason 5.0. I don't have a 
midi so I just use my computer keyboard as a midi 
trigger and play drums through the Kong or Redrum. 
I find it easier to mix in Reason as well. 

So here are some examples of what I am doing. Please make 
sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like them. I 
plan on doing much more in the  future.

   Science - Reason 5.0, Ableton, Guitar Rig 

    Siren - Reason 5.0, Ableton, Guitar Rig 

    Bibbo - Reason 5.0, Ableton, Guitar Rig